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If you’re curious about the idea of raw chocolate, but aren’t sure where to start then read on…

Part 1 of 6

Healthy Chocolate?

If you’re interested in making healthy choices and still want to enjoy chocolate, we’ve got something right up your street.

Hi, I’m Russell James, creator of The Raw Chef and together with my friend Amy Levin, we’ve created this Raw Chocolate Mini-Course for you.  

Amy’s the Raw Chocolate and Raw Desserts genius around here (like, the best in the world in this little niche of ours).  She’s going to be doing the bulk of the teaching in this mini-course.

Amy’s going to be showing you two different ways to make your own chocolate; one is in a blender – this will be the most accessible for most people.

The second way is with a stone grinder.  This technique gives a much smoother and silky texture because it’s how the experts (like Amy) do it.  This method has been unavailable to the home user until the past couple of years where the price of a stone grinder has reduced – in some cases to less than a Vitamix.

Making Your Chocolate Shiny & Snappy

How to make your chocolate shiny and snappy, so that it doesn’t easily melt at room temperature?

A simple process called tempering.

There are many different ways to do it (some more complicated than others).  Amy will show you a simple way to temper your chocolate at home.

Easy Artisanal Raw Chocolate Bars at Home

Amy will also be showing you how to make a bar of chocolate with inclusions.  This is chocolatier talk for adding extra tastes and textures into your chocolate.

If you’ve been looking at the odd video here and there, trying to piece together how to make raw chocolate, you’re in the right place.  Amy’s going to demystify this whole process for you, with a step-by-step mini-course right here on these pages.

By the end of this mini-course, you’ll be able to make beautiful, healthy chocolate for (or with) your family.

So with that, let’s jump into the first video where Amy will talk you through the course from her perspective.


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