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Hi, my name’s Russell James, creator of The Raw Chef. Here in The Raw Chef Academy we’ve taught 8937 students how to transform their diets with raw food. Everything from eating raw sandwiches all week to putting on show-stopping dinner parties for friends or even starting new careers. Let us show you how much fun this can be.

Master a wide range of raw food techniques

The Raw Chef at Home

Be mentored through the process of creating delicious raw meals in a beautiful learning journey.

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Learn to make simple raw food for week days

Weekday Raw

Easily add raw food to your week with simple, seasonal raw food meals that don’t need a dehydrator.

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Make your own plant-based cheese

Tree Nut Cheese

Create everything from cheese spreads and cashew camembert to accompaniments and a cheeseboard.

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Create nutrient-dense fermented foods

Raw Fermentation at Home

A fun, easy and creative way to having brighter eyes, shiny hair and clearer skin.

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Raw food favourites from around the world

World Raw Foods

Master a variety of creative & impressive raw food dishes.

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Feel good about eating bread again

Breads, Crackers & Wraps

Lunch at work will never be the same again!

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Raw food recipes for Thanksgiving & Christmas

Holiday Raw Foods

Add one or two raw dishes to your family’s table this festive season, or throw a 100% raw holiday dinner.

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Easy & impressive raw food desserts

Raw Desserts at Home

Raw desserts are a great way to introduce family and friends to healthy eating. Give them a, “wow!” experience with Raw Desserts at Home.

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Next-level raw desserts

Modern Raw Desserts

These classes focus on applying modern pastry techniques to healthy ingredients and methods.
Bringing together raw baking, cakes and chocolate into one in depth class.

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Healthy chocolate at home, from scratch

Fundamentals of Raw Chocolate

If you have very little or no
experience making raw chocolate, this is definitely the place to start.

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Creative raw chocolate making

Candy Bars, Truffles & Confections

Start combining pastry and chocolate, whilst applying new rules to open up more creative

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Get the best from your stone grinder

Home Ground

Learn how to make silky smooth
chocolate & nut butters at home. Make truly artisan chocolate from your own home.

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Gift healthy chocolate at Easter

Easter Chocolate

The online chocolate making
course for healthy eaters who want to enjoy (and give!) healthy treats at Easter.

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Take stunning pictures of your raw food

Raw Food Styling

The online food photography course for foodies that want to show off their creativity.

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All our chocolate courses

Raw Chocolate at Home Bundle

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All our desserts courses

Raw Desserts Bundle

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Modern Raw Desserts together and save 35%

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All our savoury raw food courses

Savoury Raw Foods Bundle

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All raw food courses

Raw Chef Premium Bundle

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